Collect & visualise data for your business like never before

Using NotedIT is as easy as...

Simply tell us what you'd like to include on your form. We'll build it the very same day.

Log in and collect your data from anywhere using any device; phone, tablet or laptop.

View, analyse and share your data in real time with a dynamic dashboard.

Why use NotedIT?

No support guide required, our app is completely managed.
You just tell us what you need and we'll do the rest.

Managed solution

No complex documentation, tutorials to invest time into. We build the forms for you, so all you'll need to do is fill them in.

Internal use

Our forms are only accessible by users of the app. This means we don't offer forms for taking payments, RSVPs, questionnaires to the public.

Insightful data

Each form comes with a report which will highlight and summarise the data, so you can ingest it at a glance.

Data integration

We can integrate our forms to sync data to other services such as Google Sheets.

Work offline

Our app is available, even when no web connection is present, so you can complete forms when on the go.

Unlimited users

Provide access to multiple users so they can also complete your form(s) as often as needed.

Export data

Once data has been synced, we can allow reports to be saved as PDF or Excel formats.

Unlimited forms

Users can have access to any number of forms they need to be able to complete daily/weekly/etc.

Support 24/5

We have a team available Mon-Fri to help get you up and running and resolve any issues your team may have.

Recent Examples

Boat Trips

Lyme Bay Rib Charter

One of our first customers of the NotedIT platform was LBRC who needed to log boat trips, monitor fuel consumption and passenger numbers.

From the data points collected via the form, we managed to create a completely custom dashboard that allows them to filter and understand the data better than ever before.

Each Skipper has their own login and is able to complete the form before and after trips, even when there is no internet connection available.